Friday, May 9, 2008

evs at therapy!

Well, Evelyn had a bit of a rough start to her birthday - less than an hour before her birthday-day (11:20pm on May 8), she had a "Diastat seizure" (a seizure that didn't stop within pre-defined bounds of time / postures; thus a special "stop-the-seizure-NOW" medication was needed). These aren't a huge deal in the scheme of things, but they also aren't generally too common for her, so it's always a little bit of a downer when we have one. :-(

But, as we always find the silver lining around here - Due largely to the Diastat (it's a form of Valium), Evelyn slept like a champ last night (which means we all slept well!) - no seizures overnight, etc. So, she woke up presumably feeling refreshed for her birthday (as did we all!). And maybe that's why she did so well at therapy...

Yes, just because it was her birthday today didn't mean she was off the hook for Physical Therapy. Happily, I took the day off work, to help get ready for her party tomorrow, so I was here for this therapy session, as was Evelyn's Grandpa Mike (Kim's dad), in-town for the big weekend.

Evelyn was a little reticent to participate, at first (as is typical). But after some of her usual exercises, her therapist (who we adore) decided to try something new today - putting Evelyn in a seated position. Now, Evelyn's head control and trunk control aren't so great - she's never "sat" on her own - let alone pulled herself into a seated position - and when she is in such a position, it's always with us holding/supporting a big part of her weight, and being ready to catch her head when it falls.

So as you'll see below - this is big stuff for her!! HUGE!! Her therapist started her off in a "seated-crunched-over" position (with her trunk brace on) - Evelyn was then weight-bearing on her arms, having to support her head "bent over", and even pushing herself up with her arms, trunk & neck muscles!! Needless to say, we are SO HAPPY and SO PROUD, especially on her birthday! :-)

(1-3 min each. Apologies on the sloppy camera work; the best I could do on short notice when it was happening was get the web-cam up, and it's consequently a bit wobbly)
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Happy Birthday, Evs!

Well, it's been one year since Evelyn LeeAnn Forester entered the world - and what a year it has been! In so many ways the time has flown by; we've made it through one big diagnosis, two surgeries, a move across the country, two-point-five teeth, countless seizures, countless diapers, countless sleepless nights, and countless moments of pure joy.

Evelyn has navigated her first year of life with such strength and grace that we cannot wait to see what the next year brings. She is such a happy little chubby baby. She cracks us up on a regular basis, is a very curious and dramatic girl, and such a hard worker! There were times in the first few weeks and months, before we really got to know her, that we wondered what Evelyn would achieve, and even if she would be happy. Well, she's certainly shown us to be foolish in worrying -- even before she could smile she showed us how happy she was every day. She learns or does something new so often that it's getting hard to keep track, and she has opinions about EVERYTHING, and isn't afraid to let us know how she really feels. :)

Parents always say that having children changes your life, and it doesn't really sink in until you have your own - but they're right. While it has been hard and even seemingly impossible at times, it has been wonderful to experience this first year of parenthood. Having Evelyn join our family has been an amazing blessing; we are better people as a result of the love, happiness and perspective she has brought into our lives. Happy Birthday, Evelyn!! :-)