Sunday, October 21, 2007

thoughts & prayers

Lots of folks in "the army" are of the praying persuasion, and others are not.

We would not be true to ourselves if we denied that our (Christian) faith plays a large role - perhaps even the biggest role - in helping us out with all this. At the same time, neither of us is really very inclined to make pointed sermons out of anything. But, for those wondering "how we deal" - that's a large part of how.

In either case, a number of people have asked what to pray for, as far as Evelyn goes. Others want to know what to hope for, what to wish for, or just what to generally "send positive vibes for".

In answer to that, some "specific yet general" requests are below. "Us" here means Daniel, Kim, and Evelyn. :-)

  • For us to be strong
  • For us to be happy
  • For us to focus on the positive
  • For us to be prepared for the worst, but hoping for and working hard towards the best
  • For us to get enough sleep and to generally "remember to take care of ourselves"!
  • For Evelyn's doctors to be "on top of their game"
  • In particular, her neurosurgeon (Dr. Moss) and neurologist (Dr. Bernes).

Of course, anything late-breaking will be on the blog.

Everyone thinking of & praying for Evelyn really, really means a lot - and it helps. If we can return the favor - please let us know.