Tuesday, September 16, 2008

some Evelyn news :)

Hello!  I just wanted to share a few things we've enjoyed with Evelyn lately:

She is such a happy girl - she's been smiling again for a few months now and it's so nice to see what she enjoys.

She's bearing weight!  We just started using her stander, as well as just standing with mommy or daddy (we hold her under her arms and will use our knees to support her hips if needed.  I'm so excited about this - Evelyn doesn't even have full head control, cannot sit unsupported, but seems to really enjoy standing up.  She'll bear all of her own weight - I can even put her arms on my shoulders and she'll just stand there.  It's so cute, because she's knows what a big girl she is and is SO proud of herself.   She's wearing her AFOs so her ankles and knees are safe.. it's just so neat to me how much she enjoys it.

She's eating Cheetos!  Okay, they're baby snacks, and it's approved by her dietitian for the Keto diet, but she really loves to crunch them.  Her oral movements and chewing skills are really improving with this.  We're a long ways away from eating hamburgers, but she's really enjoying food.  She's also eating yogurt, tofu, pudding, and we've been spicing up her foods - which has made a huge difference.

Like any child, she has her ups and downs - including a new affinity for crying at bedtime (I thought we got through this!) and refusing to eat/swallow things that aren't yummy to her (like meat - which is a big part of her diet).  I also can't figure out how to get her to hold her own head up... it's kind of hard to walk around without head control... she'll figure that out eventually I suppose.  :P

Anyways, we've had a good few months, and are really enjoying year two with our little lady.