Saturday, November 3, 2007


Well, it's been a good while - over a month! - since I've posted. It's with good reason - we've been busy!

Way back in July, Kim & I decided to begin trying to make our way from Phoenix, AZ back to Atlanta, GA, to be nearer to family & such. In late September, after a ~2.5 month remote job-hunt, I received an offer for a very good opportunity back in Atlanta.

So, on October 9th, my dad flew out from Atlanta to Phoenix. An hour & a half later, Kim & Evelyn boarded the same plane (literally) and headed the other direction. Dad & I worked on the final packing & loading of things, and then headed out on October 11th to begin our 4-day cross-country extravaganza, with The Boys (Rock & Rufus) in tow.

We made stops in Santa Fe, NM; Lawton, OK; Memphis, TN, before arriving in Atlanta on Octoer 14th. We did about 500-550 miles/day over 11-12 hours (two dogs and a 26' moving truck carrying all your worldly possessions and towing a car behind it will slow you down some), but made it without any trouble - not even any rain!

After arriving in Atlanta, Kim & I were able to catch up with my brother, home for some R&R from Afghanistan. We had a week of "relaxing" (which mostly consisted of initial doctor visits, house-shopping, and all that) before I started work on October 22nd.

While we're looking for a house, we're staying with Daniel's parents, who graciously opened their home up to us - which considering that we come with a baby and two large dogs is not insignificant! ;-)

Anyway, that roughly brings us up to date. Sorry for the lack of updates, but hopefully this explains it some. We'll try & return to the previously-scheduled posting frequency hereafter. :-)