Thursday, April 10, 2008

orthopedist: good news!

A few days back, Evelyn had her first meeting with the orthopedist. This is something we'd had on back-burner, but wanting to do for some time. For a variety of reasons - both due to some genetic predisposition (including malformed vertebrae) and muscle tone issues - many children wtih Aicardi suffer from scoliosis.

This can be something seen roughly at the outset (e.g. from birth), or can develop over time. "First priority" with Aicardi is largely seizure management, followed perhaps by feeding issues, therapies.... so, having seen no immediate outward symptoms of scoliosis, we hadn't been to see an orthopedist yet. It has been one of those things that "we'd get to", but still kind of resting in the back of our mind, wondering - "Could Evs have any scoliosis?"

Happily, we are able to report a resounding "No". ;-) Of course, this something that we'll still need to watch over time - but as of now, Ev's spine is straight as an arrow. ;-)


Nikki Cross-Patrick said...

Great to hear! I'm hoping she's going to grow up big and strong so she can fight off Emmy one day! ;-)

Unknown said...

Hey Daniel ~ thanks for keeping us up to date. Congrats on the good news!