Monday, July 21, 2008

a year already!?!?

If I was a bit more "on" this blog, I would've had a whole series of posts with the same title, starting from about mid-March. I actually started drafting several, way-back, but just didn't get around to polishing them off. So I'll keep this one brief and "un-polished", to not let it fall into the usual trap of my over-engineering. ;-)

At any rate, I was on the bus home, and was chatting with one of my "bus buddies". I'd told him a little bit about Evelyn before; that "she has a seizure disorder"; so on and so forth. At one point, the conversation turned to "How's the family", and he asked a little bit more about Evelyn, including when her seizures started.

Then I stopped and realized - a year ago today, we were about half-way through our 11- or 12-day hospital stay, inaugurating us into the grand and exciting world of seizure management. Evelyn's seizures started in earnest in maybe early July 2007, but by mid- to later-July, they were continuing to get worse, and we began our stay at PCH.

It's all still a bit surreal, really - "Have we really only been dealing with this stuff for a year?" I guess precise measuring and grinding pills and discussing doses and logging seizures and considering the omnipresent "next step" has become a legitimate part of "normal life".

Heh. Strange; the memory of not doing that seems so long ago, yet a year seems way too short.

Now, as-promised, such as to not keep this post in "Draft" limbo while I over-engineer it - I'm just going to post it; un-refined thoughts and all. ;-)


Unknown said...

Your unrefined thoughts are better than most people's refined thoughts anyway. Nice to hear from you, Daniel! Say Hi to Evelyn. Have you see Wall-E yet? Evah, eve... Bah, anyway, I liked it.

~ Em (defending diss. proposal tomorrow!)