Sunday, July 5, 2009

Spasticity & Seizures

Hi all -

I thought I'd drop a brief update on Evs, since we're about 3 months overdue. Evs' last round of hospitalizations ended up - finally - with a diagnosis of spasticity, which is essentially uncontrolled tightening of her muscles. It's not uncommon with neurological disorders, but it really took us a long time to get to the diagnosis - we worked through her entire GI system; checked the her intracranial pressure; did a full-body scan for broken bones... you name it. We even, actually, asked about dystonia or spasticity, but were assured it was not - after seeing a doctor specializing in it, he diagnosed & started treating for it - and Evs started feeling a lot better. SO - frustrating that it took us so long to get to that answer - but, happily, we finally got one.

After that episode, Evs had a reasonably-good run of it, until mid-June or so - including a week at the beach, which of course she enjoyed. ;-) Partly owing to higher-tone from the spasticity, her ankle tone has been very high, so we got some new AFO's made. But, all in all, she had a good May - mid-June; doing therapies, and generally being a happy kid. :-)

Around mid-June, we believe that she started working on more teeth, and - as is her habit with teeth - had some prolonged seizures, that none of her emergency meds would touch. So, she landed back in the hospital for just shy of a week in late June. She was discharged on a short-term regimen of Dilantin, which we'll keep for a week or two to "bridge the gap" while ramping up her existing Lamictal a bit more. That's kept her a little drowsier, lately, but we're hoping that will prove short-lived - shorter-so than the Dilantin regimen itself.

Anyway - that's about the latest, here! Happy 4th of July!


Emily said...

Thanks for the update, Daniel! I'm in Athens now, so perhaps we can get together for coffee or something. Hang out at the Fry's Electronics at all? ;)