Monday, April 2, 2012

All Together Again

We had a fabulous weekend. Friday evening Daniel and I bought a van. woohoo! I mean, really, when you're ready, you're ready - and there is SO much more space. Saturday morning was a little overcast, so we decided to head up to an outdoor shopping place called the Avenue - Evelyn had a little beauty session at Sweet & Sassy (including a 'diva' hairstyle and sparkly purple nail polish). She really enjoyed it; big smiles and lots of excitement. The stylist was kind enough to give both Evelyn and Owen lollipops and balloons (though none actually made it home) so Owen was happy too.

We then browsed around a few stores, and Evelyn chose a new spring outfit. I tried to find something for Owen, but the sizes weren't working. He did score some bright green shoes later in the weekend though. After some shopping and walking around enjoying the beautiful weather, we had lunch outside to wrap up the outing. Everyone's eyes were bigger than their stomachs, so we all had the leftovers Sunday - but man are the Ted's Buffalo burgers good.

Sunday Evelyn made her joyous return to church, where she was greeted by many of her prayer warriors. That girl is special; and she brings so many wonderful people into our lives. Our church and several friends have been feeding us generously, and I am so appreciative. There is such a peace at our house around 5pm - because I'm not racing around pulling a meal together. :) So thanks again. I keep mentioning it because it is SO great.

Evelyn's afternoons have been a little grouchy; in part because she has SO much energy she isn't napping (but probably should be) and in part because she's having far fewer seizures (awesome!) but the ones she's having she is anticipating for a while prior to having them. So that means she gets anxious and grouchy and twitchy for nearly an hour prior to having a seizure; then she's just grouchy until bedtime. Overall though, I have to say it has been amazing. I really can't quite keep up with her - I'm used to a very sleepy little girl who has maybe six hours of active time per day. Now she's the first one awake in the morning and going strong until bedtime. It is definitely an adjustment we are thrilled to accommodate.

As for Daniel and I, we had a nice afternoon date Sunday; Caro and Jonathan (Auntie RoRo and Uncle Joe) babysat with nurse Ivey. We went for a walk on the Greenway, got some Starbucks, did a little shopping, and each had a 15minute massage (which was wonderful, but too short!). I think we're each having bursts of energy and bursts of exhaustion as we work towards recovering from the hospital stay. I think Evelyn is sort of doing the same thing with the grouchy afternoons... figuring out what 'normal' is now. For the most part, things are pretty much 'business as usual' around here - we have a few housekeeping things on our schedule (yard, deck, painting?) and I'm trying to figure out how to entertain the kiddos during spring break this week. I think lots of time at the park and some Easter crafts will probably cover it. :)

I'm hoping to write a post about our sermon this past Sunday; there is something particularly inspiring and comforting about feeling like your ears, eyes and heart were opened at the right time to receive a message of confirmation. More tomorrow on that.