Monday, June 4, 2012

on a rainy day

I have to apologize for not writing as frequently as I did earlier this spring.  We've had a lot of good days, and a lot of relaxing days.  These quiet, happy times in our life provide me with a lot of gratitude; particularly when compared with the tougher times we've faced this year.  In our community of friends who have a child with Aicardi Syndrome lives have been lost, and there have been many hospitalizations.  Each time another child struggles, we share in that pain, just a little, and sometimes a lot.  One beautiful girl in particular, Ava, went to heaven recently, just missing her sixth birthday.  I saw a lot of her spirit in Evelyn, and really loved her mom's outlook on life and parenting.  When Ava passed, there just wasn't anything I could blog about that didn't seem absurd in the face of such a huge loss.

It is still hard to think of what to write, because I feel somehow that it has to be worthy - if, hopefully many many years from now, I read this post to remember a time with Evelyn, will I be disappointed to have written about something trivial?  I think that's why I haven't had much to say - there isn't much I can say that compares with who my daughter really is, deep inside.  I can't begin to touch that, even if I try.  So, as with life, we will just keep living, and I will try to keep writing - because in enjoying the little things, I hope we are honoring the big things.

On that note, today we went to the library.  Don't take your two year old to the library.  Enough said.

Seriously though, it was a fun day.  We played, we watched movies, Evelyn had her toenails painted, Owen practiced gymnastics in his crib, mommy took a few tylenol....  :)

This weekend we are headed to a lovely house on the lake for a long weekend of peace and quiet and fishing from the dock in the backyard.  Owen will probably contract poison ivy, and Daniel will probably have to be pried from the hot tub every night.  Evelyn and I are plotting some outlet shopping...  I think it is going to be fun.