Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Good news: FBC & Weigh-in

Just a few quick updates....

Last Wednesday (06-Jun-2007), we had a visit from the Arizona Foundation for Blind Children (FBC, but currently a dead link) along with AzEIP, Arizona's Early Intervention Program. While the AzEIP visit was largely paperwork, we had some encouraging news from the FBC check-in. Namely, we received some validation of what we had thought we'd been seeing, but had been a little afraid to believe: That Evelyn does seem to be able to see "some stuff"! Recalling our initial diagnosis ("She will be mostly blind, but will probably be able to see light and shadows."), this was arguably good news!

Kim and I both felt that we kept seeing Evelyn look at things, but you get really cautious about letting yourself believe it -but having a semi-professional (albeit non-medical, but a full-time FBC volunteer) come to the same conclusion and "validate" what you think you've been seeing - really helps. In short - we may not know for some time how much Evelyn can or cannot see, but having that ray of hope validated helps immensely.

Also last week, we had an appointment with the pulmonologist, a.k.a. "sleep apnea doctor". We also received encouraging news on that front, that in reading the monitor, no "apneatic episodes" had been seen, and that it was reasonable to hope that if things went well over the next month, we might be able to rid ourselves of the apnea monitor. Woo-hoo!

In other news, we'd had some troubles or concerns over Evelyn's weight over the past few weeks, with regard to her not gaining enough. However, she had another weigh-in today at the pediatrician, and we've been able to pork her up pretty well - she's now 8 lbs 10 oz. She's also put on another inch for 22". So - also good news!

On tap this week are the neurologist, ophthalmologist, and a visit/follow-up from the AZ NICP. So, a busy week, to be sure, but hopefully we will get some more good news.


Maria said...

Dear Kim and Daniel,
I've been hearing the situation of Evelyn from Kishalay and we are really praying for her. Upon reading the good news you posted, I really feel happy for the two of you and specially for Evelyn. I'll pray that more good news will come.

God Bless you for your great love to your daughter!

from India,