Sunday, June 24, 2007

Neurosurgeon Check-up

[Read my lips]Read my lips: No new neurosurgery!

For now, anyway - hopefully this will go off better than Bush I's promise! ;-)

The "main event" this pasts week was Evie's check-up with the neurosurgeon (21-Jun-2007), which was primarily a "one-bang" MRI and a subsequent review of the results by Dr. Moss. This was a big check-up for her, as we were really hoping for (obviously) "no new surgery".

As you can tell, we got our wish! Again, "For now" - but we'll take it! :-)

According to Dr. Moss,
  • The cysts continue to drain - in particular the cysts on the left that could not be reached during surgery!
  • Overall, "Great progress" and "Things look really good!"
  • The next check-up is now in two months (60 days), another great indicator of "things are looking good"!
In any case, after we've got all the MRI results, I'll try and get a "comparison" up, as most people haven't seen the before, after, etc. That'll take a little more time to put together, so I'll save that for another post, to go ahead & get this good news out. :-)


Anonymous said...


That is great news! It definitely made my Monday morning a lot better.

Love to all of you,

daniel said...

Thanks, Jodi - Glad to be of service! ;-)

Unknown said...

Hey Daniel:

Good news! We're rooting for ya...

~ Emily

Allison said...


Great news! You, Kim, and Miss Evelyn are in my thoughts!