Sunday, November 4, 2007

Evelyn's Story: Ongoing (Nov 2007)

Since Evelyn's initial discharge from the hospital post-delivery, she's had an up, down, but overall "okay" time of it.

Her seizures started as of on cue with Aicardi; right about 2.5 months of age.  It was literally as if somebody flipped a switch.  We spent about 12 days in the hospital, trying to get the medications dialed in.  We were discharged after we and her doctors were "comfortable with things".  Over the next few months, we played with a number of medications (7 in all),  and as of this writing, are seeing reasonable reductions in seizures since having started the Ketogenic Diet.

In October of 2007 we moved from Phoenix, AZ to Atlanta, GA, to be closer to family for support and such.

Overall, we feel like Evelyn's doing really well.  Her seizures are definitely a challenge for the best of neurologists, but we've got the best ones we can find "on the case", and between seizures, Evie has been much more alert and able to play, which has been great.  :-)  She still doesn't have head control, but now that we're able to do a bit more with her in between seizures, we're working hard on that.  It could be a while; it could be soon - you never know, but we're just working on it as hard as we can.

So far - so good!  :-)