Monday, July 2, 2007

Smiley Face!

Well folks, Evelyn has smiled her first 'real' smiles!

This evening she decided to have a little conversation with Daniel and I that included some squeaks and snorts and several very beautiful smiles. As opposed to her 'gas smiles' these were full-faced bright little lovelies as she looked into our eyes and smiled in response to us smiling and talking to her.

She is recovering from her first cold, and slept for most of the day - I think she learned quite a few new tricks while she was sleeping. We've 'thought' we saw some small smiles before - as well as some tracking objects with her eyes, reaching on the rare occasion for a toy, and putting her hands in her mouth. Well, tonight she's done them all in a very definite manner!

This is great news on many levels, as of course it makes us even more enamored with our daughter - but it is also a big indication that her development is right on track at this point.

:) As soon as we can capture one, we'll post a pic of Evie's new toothless grin.


cc said...

Dear Evelyn, Daniel, and Kim,

What joyous news to hear about your first smile. I have no doubt it will be the first of many, and when you see Pop again, you will be giggling!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What exciting news! I'm so happy for all of you! We're keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers.

Lei Norman and family

Unknown said...

Dear Evelyn,Daniel,& Kim
Great job Evelyn you are making us all happy-we are keeping in prayer link everyday.
Loney & Barb Sasser