Monday, January 4, 2010

morning update - hopeful bottom-out & up from here!

Well, just a short update - Evs had a pretty good night last night - the first half of it was better than the second half, as she seemed to be a little agitated for a while in the wee hours, which also got her heart rate back up - but for now, that's abated, so I'm hoping it was a "I'm-feeling-well-enough-to-complain" for a little bit.  ;-)

At any rate, the big test of her lung x-ray was done this morning, and I'm please to report that it looks better.  Not "clear and resolved", by any stretch, but "progress has been made", and that's the answer we needed.  Evs also managed to dodge any intubation last night, so that's also very positive.

The name of the game today, for the most part, will be "watch and wait" - she'll move from continuous to intermittent breathing treatments (nebulizers), as well as titrating down her Dopamine drip, so long as her blood-pressure holds (which so far, it has).  With any luck, she'll hold steady or maybe have some small improvement, and that will be a good day.

So I find myself using a phrase that I use at work more - we are "cautiously optimistic" that we've bottomed-out and are headed up.  As we've seen, things can swing in either direction quite quickly - but hopefully they're more "upswings" than "downswings" from here on out!


Anonymous said...

Praying for you Ev! Keep getting better! - Jen Holyoak