Sunday, January 10, 2010

Out of the PICU; in to the TICU!

Well, so far - so good!

Today, we were moved from the PICU to the TICU.  The TICU is the "Technology-Dependent ICU" - normally reserved for kids requiring ... technology, to live.  E.g. Ventilators, Trachs, etc.  No, Evs thankfully does not fit into that category (though a number of her Aicardi sisters do, so we are most sympathetic).  While both do have "ICU" in them - the used the TICU as a "step-down" (or as I jokingly referred to it, a "halfway-house") from the PICU.  To get there, Evs had to be off of a high-flow oxygen cannula - which means she's down to 2L of oxygen, which - considering her peak of 15L - is good progress!

Friday & Saturday were overall pretty good days for Evs - her right lung looked a little hazy again, but just as a result of some settling mucus, and not infection.  The doctor was actually encouraged by this; as she had some mild "gunk" to work through to breathe, but she had not really exhibited any outward issue - e.g. her oxygen saturation was remaining high, she wasn't struggling, etc - so she was able to "work through it", which is good.  Anyway, after turning her every 2 hours over the course of the day & overnight - her lung looked much better by morning.

Today (Sunday) was a little "up-and-down" - respiratorily, she continued to do well, leading to her move "downstairs".  On the downside, she had 2 seizures, both of which required Diastat.  Boo.  Our hopeful theory is that maybe we're seeing as similar trend as when she was teething - very few seizures "while she's hurting", and then when she's strongly on the mend - whamm-o.

At any rate, we still think we're on-track for a late-week jail-break - so we're keeping our fingers crossed for that!