Monday, January 4, 2010

Vest therapy & a good day

Well, I think we can say that all circumstances considered - Evs has had a pretty good day today.  She got a bath early this afternoon, which she wasn't altogether happy with - but seemed to be feeling "herself" as much as she has since being here, which was evidenced by her stomping her feet through the "bath" (hospital bath-on-a-bed), since she didn't necessarily enjoy it.  ;-)  Afterwards, though, she was pretty "awake" and "on" for a while, and so we put her in some pajamas from home (her Tinkerbell PJ's; a fun Christmas gift from a friend), we got her glasses on, and just got a little "Evs time", which was really nice.

I took the opportunity of her being "awake" and doing well, and having an opportune moment with the web-cam, to grab a quick clip of her in the Vest therapy, since I don't know if my earlier descriptions of the subject sufficed (or ever could!).  Per earlier description, in very brief, it's essentially an air-filled vest that is filled via an air compressor.  This does two main things, both designed to help "bring stuff up".  Firstly, it just constricts & tightens some around her abdomen - think of your tightening diaphragm & core muscles when you cough - Evs has a hard time with that, so this "does it for her".  Secondly, it applies chest physiotherapy, which can be thought of roughly akin to "slapping somebody on the back" to help them cough:
It uses a compressor to inflate and deflate the vest rhythmically at timed intervals and thus imposes high frequency chest wall oscillations that are transferred to the lungs.
So, all that said - here it is in action, for the curious.  ;-)  I'll apologize that the video is not the best; the audio has moments where it gets a little scratchy, and the web-cam had a hard time re-focusing on "all the stuff" - but here-goes:

All in all, with today at a close - we can say it's been a good day, I think.  Definitely a good day, when coming on the heels of yesterday.  In brief consult with her pulmonologist, the name of the game is pretty much also as earlier-described - wait, watch, and wean - where the latter is weaning down or ramping down treatments as she tolerates, or otherwise hopefully improves - e.g. dial down the oxygen; put more time between - and less medicine into - the nebulizer treatments; etc.  We're definitely not out of the woods yet (I guess if we were, we'd be out of the PICU), but "today was a good day", and we'll take that!  Thanks again for all the thoughts & prayers - they are so very much appreciated.


AnujAng said...

Glad she's feeling better