Thursday, July 12, 2007

Evelyn's Slideshow

Well, here is a link to Evie's slideshow, courtesy of Kate Martin - friend and fabulous photographer. These pictures were taken when Evelyn was about 3 weeks old - she's grown so much!

(more pics, including black and whites and family pictures will be added in a few days, so check back)


Anonymous said...

Dear Daniel and Kim:
I know that Evelyn's developing seizures has not been a fun event, but we want you both to know that she remains in our prayers---and now we pray that her seizures cease and that the drugs do their work as they are suppose to. We hope you'll get to make your trip to Atlanta and Good Shepherd, so we can get all mushy over Evelyn.

Linda Martin

daniel said...

Thank you Linda - We're REALLY HOPING to be able to make it!!