Saturday, July 28, 2007

Good Christian Boy

We're in a shared room, and have (sadly) outlasted all our roommates thus far (for the morbid or cynical, in a they-get-discharged-first kind of way). Usually we get new roommates in the mid- to late-evening; I guess after surgeries are done.

Anyhow, we heard a pretty funny exchange over the curtain tonight; in the "from the mouths of babes" department.

A teenage boy (the patient; about 16) had just come from surgery, and had a small entourage there, including his mom, little brother (about 8?), and grandmother. He was still largely under the influence of painkillers, and an admin was there, going through the usual admitting rigamarole...

, boringly: "Are there any religious or spiritual beliefs you want noted or followed?"

Doting mom
, confidently: "He's a good Christian boy."

Little brother
, quickly & directly: "Is his little brother?"

We're still not entirely sure if it was a genuine or a loaded question. Moreover, we never heard the answer. ;-)