Saturday, July 28, 2007

Video update!

Well - since mom & dad sent me a web-cam for my birthday, of course I had to play with it "right now". Further - when I was setting it up - I just now realized PCH has wi-fi available!! Just now I find this - arrrgh! That's how you know a nerd is off his game; if he's in a place for a week before he checks for wi-fi, and then, only incidentally.

Anyway, I'll leave most of it to the video. We're still here, and anticipated to be here until Sunday or Monday. Her seizures are better than when we came in - much less intense and much shorter - but they're not quite as good as they were a day or two ago - still seeing them as much as every 5 minutes for a while. A fairly typical example of the current seizures is caught "on tape". As can be seen, they're not that dramatic (unless you're holding her & feel how stiff she gets :-( ...), but it should give you some idea - it's not as dramatic as a big grand-mal foaming-at-the-mouth-and-jerking episode (though she does have some where she jerks a bit; thankfully not as much), but it's still not what you want. The plan is still to build Topamax, and wean the fosphenytoin, and continue the phenobarbital.


Nikki Cross-Patrick said...

Upsetting to hear that you guys are still camped out at the hospital, but hopefully the nurses found a candle or two to stick in Kim's dessert and call your own. Happy birthday, Daniel! =)

daniel said...

Thanks, Nikki! ;-) Kim, wonderful wife that she is, actually brought me a whole mini-cake to the hospital this morning. ;-)

Anonymous said...

that stinks that you're still in the hospital, but i know you're glad to have such caring doctors & nurses who want to "get things right" before they send you on your way. and, i'm sure evie being such a cutie pie makes it hard to discharge her. ;-)
hope you're back home soon and that we get to see you next week.
love, dallas, jay, & sutton

Anonymous said...

Daniel and Kim -
She is so precious! It was wonderful to see the video of her.
I am sorry you are still there. You will both have to redo your birthdays when you get home.
We are thinking of you. And Daniel, I am working on that onsie!

Lots of Love, Matthew, Jodi and Natalie