Monday, March 5, 2012

and a little about our family

So, many of you are not that familiar with Daniel and I personally, or we've only met recently. I just wanted to say, first and foremost, thank you for loving our family (or our daughter in particular) enough to even read all these ramblings. There is strength in numbers, and your thoughts, prayers and interest are so helpful to us and to Evelyn.

Also, we love our kids. Evelyn and Owen are so important to Daniel and I, and though Evelyn's life looks very different than Owen's, we treasure them both equally. We will always make decisions for Evelyn (particularly medical ones) with the question of 'quality of life' just as high as 'fixing a problem' or 'treating a symptom'. Evelyn has a great spirit, and a true intelligence, and we feel it is important to honor her as a person when we make difficult decisions for her.

Also, we are an open book. We are SO not perfect. We try hard, but sometimes we don't - there are definitely dust bunnies in the corners of my house, and always at least one load of laundry that needs folding. But we, as a family, love each other very much - and we care about and respect each of you enough to want you to ASK any question you might have, without fear of saying the wrong thing or stumbling over a delicate topic. The world of special needs is foreign to some people - it was to us before Evelyn was born - but we really believe that if you have an interest in our family or our daughter, we want to help you feel comfortable around her and us. So please, ask away, come visit, etc - and if something about Evelyn's situation is hard for you, we understand that too.

Also, that's enough blogging for one night. :) If you made through all this, there must not be much on tv tonight. :)