Sunday, March 25, 2012

Home Stretch!

Another unexciting day - and when you're in the hospital, hoping to go home soon - that is a very very good thing!

I woke up with Owen this morning, and we eschewed church in favor of chasing geese and playing in the sand at the park. I know, I know - but we are really looking forward to going to church next weekend as a family - and Owen and church don't mix, unless he's in the nursery, and sending him to an unfamiliar nursery at his grandparent's church doesn't seem like quality 'mommy-owen' time to me. But anyways, after the park we went to Target to procure, among other things "blue toothpaste!". That means we bought toothpaste that came in a blue box, and may or may not actually be blue. :) Then we went to Dairy Queen, for an exceedingly healthy lunch. Owen's menu: Hot dog (no bun), applesauce, milk, and a mini-blizzard with m&m's. This was basically paradise for Owen.

Daniel watched Evs watch the inside of her eyelids for several hours, and then headed to our house to do more organizing. While we were gone, our friend Martha came to hang with Evelyn - and of course Evs woke up for Martha. :) So they read stories and braided hair and gossiped about boys and such. Apparently she and Evelyn agree that rock climbing is SO not their thing. After Owen went down for his nap I ran over to our house to meet Daniel. Basically we put away clean laundry, steamed Evs carpet (thanks Rocky...), and Daniel put together our new medical cart (a rolling kitchen island in disguise).

When we get home Tuesday with Evelyn, we will have a completely full car - full of junk - but sadly mostly junk we will have to keep - and mostly junk that isn't cute - so we will have to tuck it away here and there so our house doesn't look like a hospital. That's the part of hospital stays that usually does me in; until my mild OCD kicks in and I organize the heck out of it. Then everyone feels better and takes a nap. :) Usually Evelyn takes a nap right away. Honestly I expect we won't see her little eyeballs for a good 36 hours after we get home.

Tonight I've been here with Evelyn, packing away more stuff in hopes of emptying the room enough that we will all actually fit in our car when it is time to go home. Seriously, we were going to buy a van last weekend (been planning it for two years) - got a bit delayed due to this hospital trip - but I'm not totally convinced we won't have to go get one Tues morning in order to get ourselves home. :) I'm kidding. mostly. I think.

Daniel went to his parent's house tonight - and I have a strong feeling that he is now in that euphoric state known as "post smoked ribs consumption heaven". Jerry got a smoker recently - and he uses it well. I'm a little jealous. On the topic of food, two very important things I'm thankful for: 1, I forgot that Maggiano's is less than ten minutes from the hospital and 2, I didn't notice that they have Ben&Jerry's in the cafeteria until tonight. My waistline appreciates my lack of awareness.

Once we're home from the hospital, I think these posts will be shorter and more convoluted, but I plan to keep writing. It has been really therapeutic for me, and fun, and I appreciate having the opportunity to tell whoever is reading a little more about our life, and about our fabulous children.