Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another Quiet Day

Well, today was another quiet day for Evelyn, and for us. Daniel spent last night at the hospital, and I stayed at Pop and CC's house (Jerry and Claudia). After a really good night's sleep, Owen and I spent the morning and early afternoon playing, reading books, and wandering around outside. I think he was still worn out from his hike up Stone Mountain yesterday with Daniel - but we did lots of 'mommy-Owen' stuff, which was nice.

Evelyn is still very sedated, and as a result, very sedate. :) (that's geek humor.) She has been resting well all day, with the exception of a few breakthrough seizures here and there. Her heart rate and temperature have both fluctuated throughout the day - but remained within the normal range - so no one but Daniel and I have really even noticed. I think she's going to be ready to be awake soon and is planning some payback.

The plan for now is that the surgeon will come tomorrow (Monday) afternoon and do Evelyn's first Trach change. A trach, given that it goes into your airway, needs to stay nice and clean, so they are replaced about once a week. The little hole into the airway will actually heal such that it is a sealed 'tunnel' into the airway, and every week (at home) we will take her old trach out and put a new one in. After the surgeon does this first trach change tomorrow, it will be 'official' that the site has healed enough for Evelyn to move around and start really using her trach. So, tomorrow night/Tuesday morning they will start weaning the sedatives.... So, tomorrow night/Tuesday morning we will have a very ticked off little princess. :)

Don't worry, they will continue with pain medication, and we have all manner of fluffy pink and purple fun stuff to help her weather the storm - but it is tough waking up and having a sore neck and being in the hospital, and I expect the next few days to be the toughest. Of course, we are on hospital time, so the surgeon might show up as planned tomorrow afternoon, or he might stroll in at 5am tomorrow. You never know. :)

I will have another update tomorrow - and am planning new Evelyn pics once she's awake.

By the way - if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask - nothing is off limits, as long as it's tasteful. :)