Friday, March 9, 2012

God is Good All the Time.

Well, the surgery was 'textbook'. Evelyn did well throughout, and is now back in her room in the PICU resting; and she will be resting through Monday afternoon. The surgeon confirmed that her upper airway is very floppy, which is what was causing the obstructed breathing pattern. That is yet another reassurance that this was the right thing to do for Evelyn, and the right timing as well.

I am so thankful that the surgery went well, and though there are tough days ahead we are feeling blessed and relieved right now. Knowing so many people are praying for our family has given us so much strength we otherwise wouldn't have - so thank you.

I will be with Evelyn tonight at the hospital, and Daniel has headed to his parent's house to be with them and Owen. We are all going to focus on rest this weekend - as the real work begins Monday evening following the first trach change. At that point they will stop the sedation and we will all start really working on recovery and training.

If you want to make a quick visit this weekend we are open to that, but want to keep the room relatively quiet for Evs. I think Monday and Tuesday will likely be really busy days, but will keep updating daily. Evelyn looks good, and her breathing is very peaceful, which we haven't seen in a while. Once she's awake and properly fancy again I'll post pictures - though she does have a pretty flashy pink ponytail holder in right now. :)

Love to you all,


memri said...

We love you too.

Anonymous said...

sending prayers and hugs,