Sunday, March 18, 2012

Giving Thanks

Given that it's been eleven days so far, and I think we might be at least a tad more than halfway done with this hospital adventure, and given there isn't anything remarkable to report on today, I'd like to say a ginormous thank you to a few people. Well, okay, more than a few people. :)

The thoughts and prayers of hundreds, possibly thousands - have really touched our hearts and continue to give Daniel, Evelyn, Owen and me energy, hope and strength. There really is great power in prayer, and I believe that that power is in giving those you're praying for the grace and peace to accept God's will.

Our wonderful, dear family. Claudia and Jerry (aka CC and Pop) have given up their empty nest temporarily to host whichever worn out, grouchy, and likely stinky parent walks in the door each night - and Claudia has been loving and caring for Owen all day every day while Daniel is at work and I'm at the hospital. Owen is a sweet little guy, and CC loves him - but chasing a two year old all day is no small feat - and we really are so grateful for her willingness to do so. Her servant's heart is an inspiration.

Aunt Megan and Auntie RoRo - so much energy and positivity and love - you guys keep me going; whether its spending time with one of our little ones so we can 'get stuff done' or just giving encouragment - you guys are awesome. And your husbands are pretty cool too. :)

Our other family near and far - we feel you with us. Thank you.

Our friends and church family. Wow. Whether its a visit, a phone call, an email or a meal - you've inundated us with love and support, and even those little 'likes' on facebook are a reminder that our family is thought of. I am so thankful to know so many wonderful people who are so willing and even eager to step into our world - even when it means hospitals and seizures and potentially scary stuff.

All of you, as I've thought so many times, are the reasons that Evelyn is thriving and joyful. You are the reason our family, in general, succeeds. Alone, just the four of us, we have faith and love and hope - but without you it would be so easy to lose sight of those things. Having you wonderful people in our lives nourishes us in a way we could never do for ourselves. You are extensions of God's grace - we love you, we need you, and we thank you.