Friday, March 23, 2012

Counting Down and Rooming In

So, Daniel has the cute Evelyn pics from today on his phone, so unfortunately I can't post them - but maybe when he reads this he will. :)

Including tonight we are down to four nights remaining in the hospital, barring any unforseen circumstances. Evelyn continues to do really well, and is feeling much better. She's even regaining some energy, as evidenced by skipping a nap here and there. I think once we get home she'll probably do a lot of sleeping for a couple of days, and then be ready to hit the ground running. I'm excited to get out into the world and do some fun things with her (and Owen). We are fortunate that, for at least part of the year, our private insurance covers our nurses at home - and in that situation our nurses are allowed to get out and about with Evelyn. So theoretically Evs, her nurse and I can go to the park, go shopping, etc - which will be great. I feel really comfortable handling Evelyn's medical needs - including all the new trach stuff - but when I'm alone with Evs and Owen it can get a little busy, so its nice to have an extra set of hands.

Tonight and tomorrow I am 'rooming in' which means I'm providing all of Evelyn's care, under the supervision of the nurses and respiratory therapists. So far so good. :) It is a good opportunity to practice everything yet again, and it really is nice to feel comfortable with everything before we go home. Tomorrow night Daniel will begin his 24 hour shift - and I'm sure he will do a great job.

I think I can speak for Daniel too when I say that we are SO happy the end is in sight, and SO thankful that this has all gone smoothly, and SO completely exhausted. :) A friend noted that all parents of small children are chronically tired - and she's right - so sleeping in our own beds in a few days is going to be awesome.

Your thoughts and prayers continue to carry us through - we feel like we have a really good life, and that is because so many wonderful people love us, pray for us, and embrace our daughter and our family. So thanks, again, for being such kind and caring people.

A few shout outs:

The NEIGHBORS! Printha, Lucy, Amy - you guys are so sweet to jump in and help with the animals, mail and packages, logistics, cleaning, etc - thank you!

The VISITORS! Thank you, SO much, for coming to see us in the hospital. I hope I'm not leaving anyone out: Jerry, CC, John, Sarah and Sarah's mom, Mary, Alicia, Martha, Jan, Karen, Jacque, Memri, Megan, Megan, Caro, Jonathan, Ivey, Jennifer, Chris, Melissa (and kiddos), Julie, H.L., Elaine... and more I think? Some of you have visited with Evelyn while Daniel or I did training, some of you have visited more than once, and all of you have brightened our days with your friendly faces.

The FRIENDS from afar! Thank you for the cards, letters, packages and love you've sent us; we appreciate you and are thankful to have you in our corner.

The FAMILY! There's not much I can say; you guys are amazing, and we thank God every day for each one of you - including little miss Charlotte and her squishy cheeks - twenty minutes with that little lady was the best remedy for a long day at the hospital.

The HUSBAND! Even when I've only seen you for a grand total of about 5 hours in two weeks, I still love ya. kind of a lot. :)

g'night guys, and thanks again for walking with us.